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My name is Natalie, welcome to my BLOG! If you have any questions that you would like addressed, just email me at, and I will be happy to address your questions and concerns.


October 15, 2018 

GET READY A NEW BLOG IS COMING!!! Dr. Emilio is doing his own blog and as soon as it is live I will put the link to go there!

If you have any questions you would like him to address, please email me and I will pass the information on!




August 1, 2017 - Expansion Update

Dr. Emilio is happy to announce the addition of Avanthi Tiruvadi, DMD to our practice.

Dr. Tiruvadi grew up in Wichita, Kansas and went on to graduate Dental School from Tufts University in Boston, MA.She then completed an AEGD (Advanced Education in General Dentistry) residency at the University of Missouri-Kansas City in Kansas City, MO and is excited to return to East Coast.

Besides doing General Dentistry, she will also be doing the Pediatric Dentistry in our practice. 

She is very much looking forward to becoming involved in the community. In her spare time Avanthi enjoys cooking, traveling, and playing tennis!

OK, that is the official announcement.  Here is my take on Dr. Tiruvadi.  First, she is well qualified and her goals and her attitude about patient care coinside with how Dr. Emilio operates. You may ask, how did we find someone from KANSAS?! Below is the story:

You may have heard about six degrees of seperation, well, we were looking for an Associate and her resume came across my email.  Then she wrote how, after she got the interview date, that she heard about us again from the Dentist in Kansas that she was working with.  THAT DENTIST is a very good friend of one of our patients! So I phoned the patient, she told me that the Doctor in Kansas phoned her to ask if she could recommend a Dentist Dr. Tiruvadi should work for! Our patient gave the Kansas Doctor (her friend) Dr. Emilio's name and said Dr. Tiruvadi should work for him. Our patient then got rave reviews about Dr. Tiruvadi from the Kansas Dentist (her friend), and that she wished she could stay in Kansas and work with her.  When that Dentist told Dr. Tiruvadi to send her resume here, she replied, "I have an interview with him already!"


When I interviewed Dr. Tiruvadi, I could see why that Dentist in Kansas was so enthusiastic about her. We wish her great success here in our practice, and we look forward to her meeting the best patients ever!

In other expansion news, we have ordered the equipment for our three (3) additional operatories. So exciting!






July 16, 2017


(in case you missed it)


We have you, our patients to thank for helping us to grow over these past years by referring patients to our office.  We appreciate your kind words and trust in our office and staff.  In order to be able to get our patients in sooner, we needed more room.  We will be adding three more operatories and some extra administrative offices.  The best part is the new space is right next to where we are now.

We got such a great response from everyone, along with a lot of questions.  So, this blog will keep you up to date on the expansion.  

7/16/17 - We have signed the lease and are excited to be able to stay right where we are, the new space is adjacent to our current space.  The first phase of our expansion is to open the three (3) rooms for the doctor and hygienist to work in. Also, Ruta will have her own office making it easier to speak with you about your treatment plan.   We realized that the wait time for patients to come in was getting to long.  We have even been opening on a few Sundays to accommodate patients, and to our surprise, they love it! 

Our staff is growing by one Associate Dentist and a Hygienist - and we are excited to introduce you to them in my next entry. 

Some of your questions answered:

1. Is the office going to "change"?  Except for being able to accommodate our patients a bit better, no, we are not changing a picture on a wall in our existing space.  For this first phase, you will still be walking in and out of the same door and seeing the same decor.

2. Are the hours going to change? No, our existing hours will remain the same.  We know that with busy schedules, we need to be open evenings and on Saturdays.

3. Will the staff change hours? As of this writing, when the three (3) rooms are open, Valerie will be staying later on Tuesdays, and Ana will be staying a bit later during the week and taking Saturdays off.  Ana has been working six (6) days per week for years and is looking forward to having time with her family on the weekends. 

4. When is all this happening?  The current plan is to have the three (3) rooms open by the beginning of October, 2017!

Stay tuned for more updates

August 31, 2016


Our hygienists have been informed by some of our patients that it is no longer necessary!

They want you to know that THEY DO NOT AGREE! 

Okay let's admit it; we will use any excuse not to floss our teeth!  Recently, articles have been published that flossing is over rated and may be un-necessary.  To quote one article: "The Associated Press reported that officials had never researched the effectiveness of regular flossing, as required, before cajoling Americans to do it.  The American Academy of Periodontology acknowledged that most of the current evidence fell short because researchers had not been able to include enough participants or “examine gum health over a significant amount of time.”

Only one word came to mind as I read that, YAY!!!! However, since I work in a dentist office and my hygienists were about to implode upon reading the article that the patients were talking about, I decided to share with you what I was told.  Even though we may brush right after lunch and before we get our teeth cleaned, they want you to know that they still find food in between your teeth! 

You know the expression, "every little bit helps".  This is so true with flossing.  We may not be as aggressive as our hygienists who repeatedly show us how to hold the floss to "get in there under the gums", yet still we are helping the enamel in between our teeth and the gums by getting where a toothbrush can sometimes not reach.  If you really don't like to floss, then use a waterpik AFTER you brush your teeth (the toothbrush loosens everything up, and the waterpik whisks it away).  Waterpiks also massage the gums which is what flossing is all about.  Healthy gums are the key to keeping your teeth in your mouth! A great description is, " The mouth is a busy place, with millions of bacteria constantly on the move.  While some bacteria are harmelss, others can attach the teeth and gums.  Harmful bacteria are contained in a colorless sticky film called plaque, the cause of gum disease.  If not removed, plaque builds up on the teeth and ultimately irritates the gums and causes bleeding.  Left unchecked, bone and connective tissue are destroyed, and teeth often become loose and may have to be removed."  The study says it may not help with cavities, but the saddest thing I ever witnessed working for a dentist is a person who comes in with beautiful teeth with no cavities, but with gums in such bad shape that they can't hold the teeth in place!"    Luckily, our hygienists don't grade you or me on our flossing ability, so their advice to you is to KEEP ON FLOSSING to keep your teeth and gums healthy!


May 6, 2015


I had just read about oil pulling, and a patient walked in and started talking about it as well.  We had a little conversation, and when she came back for her recall appointment her gums looked great, her teeth were whiter, and she said she even felt better!  She has been back 3 times since that first conversation, and her hygienist said her teeth and gums have not looked better in years.  

Oil Pulling is fast becoming a popular subject, and for me, I brush my teeth once a day with coconut oil (as a gagger, I cannot pull for more than 30 seconds and you are supposed to work your way up to 20 minutes). It is becoming a frequent question in our office,  so I decided to discuss it in this months blog.

Organic Coconut Oil is the best and can be found in the grocery store.  Pulling has been around for over 3000 years, the idea behind it is that as you swish the oil in your mouth (try to start for 10 minutes and work your way up to 20) you are "pulling" the bacteria out from your gums and the tubules* in your teeth.  We have always said that good oral health is attached to good overall health, and with less bacteria in the teeth and gums, the less bacteria that can spread through the body.

" Coconut oil is preferred because 50% of the fat in coconut oil is comprised of the bacteria whooping ingredient lauric acid. Lauric acid is very well known for its antimicrobial actions; it inhibits Strep mutans that are the primary bacteria that cause tooth decay. With that in mind, it should be no surprise that recent studies have shown the benefit of coconut oil in the prevention of tooth decay." 

Here are some guidelines when using coconut oil in your hygiene routine.

1.  Pulling or brushing with coconut oil should be used IN ADDITION to brushing your teeth twice a day with regular toothpaste.

2.  If you drink lemon water or eat a lot of foods that contain acid, brush with coconut oil first thing in the morning. Its not a cure all, but people say it helps (make sure to rinse your mouth with water after use)

3.  Use 1 tsp of coconut oil, swish gently for as long as possible (at least 10 minutes) and then spit into a paper towel.



4.  Rinse your mouth with water just like you do when you brush your teeth and you are ready to go.

I brush my teeth with coconut oil, and I try and brush gently for at least 10 minutes, and as a gagger I spit into a paper towel a whole bunch of times!  My hygienist noticed a big difference in my gums and saw less bleeding.  Then I stopped, and the last time I went she saw a difference (my gums were bleeding again).

Coconut oil is all the rage to solve so many problems, almost like a cure all.  Buy hey, its all natural so why not give it a try.  It is so interesting to read about all the great things you can use coconut oil for.  Just go anywhere on the internet and type in coconut oil. 

Please go to our reviews page, and read some of the wonderful, touching, and sometimes funny reviews about our doctor and most of all our wonderful staff!  I look forward to meeting you next time you come in for your appointment. And if you have a subject you would like to be discussed in my blog, please let me know!


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*Minute, wavy, branching tubes or canals in the dentin; they contain the long cytoplasmic processes of odontoblastsand extend radially from the pulp to the dentoenamel and dentocemental junctions.