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Meet Our Team

Ruta Burke
Office Manager

Our office manager is here for you. She will do everything to make your appointment go smoothly, and will help explain and work out financial arrangements for any treatment plan that you may have.

Ruta Burke has been with Dr. Emilio for over six years. She started as his assistant, and then moved into the Office Manager's position. Since she has such an extensive background in assisting, she is wonderful at helping you to fully understand any treatment that has been prescribed for you. Ruta  will make you feel so "at home" in our office. She makes you feel very comfortable speaking about any concerns you may have, and helping you find the best solutions to get your dental work completed.

Sharon Parker

Our scheduler will do her best to find a dental appointment that best fits your need.

Sharon has been with Dr. Emilio for over ten years. She is known in our office for having the best memory. The minute you meet her, you will want her as your best friend, as she is so sweet and calm while at the same time will tell you like it is!  We know how busy life gets, so we try to make it easy for you to confirm your appointment by email or text, but if we still don't hear back from you, Sharon will give you a ring.Call her to get a dental appointment that fits your schedule.



Millie Castro
Accounts Receivable

Our Accounts Receivable department goes above and beyond to make the financial end of your dental visit be a positive and painless experience.

Millie is one of the greatest people to work out financial arrangements, and to discuss your dental insurance with. She works hard to make sure your dental insurance company pays as much as you are entitled to for each procedure. She works alongside our Office Manager to ensure that your payment arrangements are carried out as smoothly as possible.You may also see and speak to Millie when she steps in as Scheduler in the afternoons and on Saturday. Millie is one of the funniest people you will meet, she has a great smile and will make you feel at ease, and at home in our office. 


Jacinta, Valerie, Ana, Paige, Janette

Our Norwalk Dental Hygiene Team Gives you the BEST experience in our office! 

The dental hygienists in our Norwalk, CT dental office are, we think, are the absolute best! Their mission is to keep your teeth and gums healthy, the basis of any truly great smile.  They make an amazing team who ensures that each patient gets not only the best dental care, but also the BEST EXPERIENCE in a dental chair.  We have five hygienists so that we can fit your schedule, they are:

Jacinta O'Donoghue-Ancona has been with Dr. Emilio since the beginning!  Her warm smile, and Irish accent just relaxes you, and she is an expert in her field.  

Valerie Thommen has been a part of our Norwalk Dental team for over ten years!  She has a bubbly personality and can be heard laughing with her patients all the time.  She is a wonderful hygienist, and always makes you glad you came to see her.  

Ana Pires has been with us for over 7 years.  She has such a warm smile, and is very soft spoken. She is from Brazil and speaks Portugese as well as English.  She makes you feel very comfortable and relaxed, we even had more than one patient fall asleep in her chair!

Paige Vass has been in our dental office for over three years.  She has been a great asset to our East Avenue location.  She is an excellent hygienist, and a wonderful person.  Although she is very serious at her job, she is also fun loving and makes us laugh!

Janette Charles has been the newest addition to our office.  Janette is just the best!  She comes in like a whirlwind, smiling and ready to see her patients. She has been an excellent addition to our Norwalk Dental office, and has given us the ability to see more patients in the evening after work, and they just love her!

We will always try and schedule you with your favorite hygienists, but if for some reason your schedule does not allow you to come when they are here, please try one of our other hygienists.  We are a team here, and we all want you to have healthy teeth and gums, and a winning smile.  





Jennifer and Shakia
Dental Assistants

Our dental assistants work along side the doctor to ensure that you have a comfortable visit in the dental chair. Don't laugh, it's true!  They are there not only to assist the doctor, but to attend to your needs.  I have to say it, we have the best assistants ever!

Jennifer Wierczorkowski has been with Dr. Emilio in his Norwalk office for over 12 years.  She makes you feel at home when you come into the office.  She has seen many of our patients since the beginning and they love to catch up.

Shakia Donald is the newest member of our assisting team, as she celebrates the beginning of her 4th year with us!  She has a great big smile and is very sweet to our patients.  She makes you feel very comfortable while you are in the dental chair.